3 Ways to Dry Your Hair for Halloween Looks

3 Ways to Dry Your Hair for Halloween Looks

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We love a good Halloween look! But to achieve styles that make your costume stand out, requires a little TLC to your beautiful tresses. Remember that air drying might not always work for your timeline, or blow drying might not be best for your hairstyle. The way your hair dries can make or break your final style and the health of your hair.

Here are 3 easy-to-do hairstyles and their drying methods for your costume this year: 

Defined Curls Look


Look 1: For Defined Curls:

  1. Finger coil wet hair after washing to get the desired curl pattern.
  2. Using fingers, separate hair into smaller sections.
  3. Take your dry Twist & Tie Microfiber Hair Towel in your palm and scrunch smaller sections of hair upward until it goes from wet to damp.
  4. Continue this method throughout hair until desired look is achieved.

More Volume Hair Look


Look 2: For More Volume

  1. After washing and conditioning hair, section to detangle from root to tip.
  2. Once hair is properly detangled, take Twist & Tie Microfiber Hair Towel and wrap around hair, covering entire head. 
  3. Leave towel wrapped around your hair to ensure that any excess moisture has been absorbed before the next step.
  4. Once hair goes from wet to damp, use a blow dryer to complete drying (in less time). 
  5. Style hair as desired.


Using a hair towel for cornrows

Look 3: For length and dexterity (for braids):

  1. Once hair is wet from washing and conditioning, wrap Twist & Tie around your hair and scrunch in upward direction.
  2. Remove towel and section hair into large sections. Braid sections to strength for optimal length.
  3. Allow hair to air dry to maintain natural texture. 


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