How it works

If you’ve never dried your hair using our Twist & Tie Microfiber Hair Towel, consider this your warning: you’re about to be completely hooked! 

Using a Microfiber Towel for your hair is different from using your regular cotton towel for many reason – but the best reason??: 

  • No more of the breakage you get when using a regular cotton towel.
  • Hands-free drying

But don’t take our word for it! For best results, follow our 4 easy steps on how to twist & tie your tresses after your wash!

  1. Start by first washing, conditioning, and applying necessary products to your hair.
  2. After washing thoroughly, take your Twist & Tie towel to begin the plopping process. Using your towel, scrunch sections of your hair upwards, towards the scalp. This will help in maintaining your curl pattern and removing excess water from your tresses.

If you’d still like your hair more dry after the plopping process, you can follow the next steps!

3. For further drying, take your Twist & Tie Microfiber Towel and place it against the back of your head to wrap your hair into place for hands free drying. 

4. Twist your towel around your head until it covers all of your tresses.

5. To experience hand free drying, tuck the ends of your twisted Twist & Tie towel inside the elastic on the towel. Leave the towel wrapped around your tresses until damp or dry.

Now, you’re hooked! Our Twist & Tie Microfiber Towels are large enough for even the longest tresses. So, long or short curls, your healthy hair journey starts with healthy drying. Shop yours now: