About Us

Well Tressed was and is a journey. The idea was birthed in the halls of Harvard Business School. The brand started as a solution to the hours and frustration our founder experienced with her textured hair maintenance. She struggled to find the right tools and accessories for her hair. There was no one brand that stood for quality, took away the trial and error, and protected the health of the hair. Thus, Well Tressed was born.

Well Tressed has evolved to stand for more than high-quality hair tools & accessories with great design. Textured hair is complicated, impacting men and women in everything from confidence in the classroom to pay on the job. Why is something as seemingly unimportant as hair so important in people’s lives?

Well Tressed believes we can all live our lives more abundantly, without limitations in a journey to personal freedom. We do not seek to tackle this in a lofty way, but rather with small changes that add up to a big impact. We provide tools and accessories to help eliminate hair barriers and make your day to day a little easier. We exist so you can let your hair down, enjoy life, and go after goals without hesitation. We exist so you can live more fully, every day.

Well Tressed was founded by Stacie Smith (a.k.a. Nickie Cole). Nickie Cole is a nickname affectionately given by her late father; one of the first believers in Well Tressed.


Well Tressed Promise:

We offer high quality, beautiful design, and great functionality for the health of the hair. Every Well Tressed product undergoes consumer home-use and salon testing on texture hair.


Freedom to Live Life to the Fullest - Community Impact:

Well Tressed promotes the freedom to live life to the fullest – to let your hair down and go after your best life with confidence. A portion of our revenue is used to enable financial freedom for entrepreneurship, education, and career development.