Wet Hair is Vulnerable Hair - Part 2

Wet Hair is Vulnerable Hair - Part 2

Water damage to your hair after washing is almost always avoidable. Once you have incorporated the right products and the recommended wash method, the next and most surefire solution in protecting against the vulnerability of wet hair, is using a Microfiber Hair Towel. 

What is Microfiber?

  • A synthetic fiber that consists of polyester and polyamide
  • The fibers are half the diameter of a fine silk fiber, one-third the diameter of cotton, and one hundred times finer than human hair
  • So essentially, it’s not going to get caught in your hair!

When microfiber comes in contact with moisture, it moves moisture through the fabric structure and allows it to evaporate and dry very quickly. This differs from cotton which have fibers that swell (which is why cotton towels feel heavy when wet)!

How do Microfiber Hair Towels decrease potential damage of wet hair?

A microfiber hair towel absorbs excess water from your strands without leaving them dry and brittle. It also:

  • Decreases prolonged moisture on the scalp
  • Prevents strands from breakage due to being weighed down from the moisture in the hair as it dries
  • Removes excess water so dry time (air dry or with a blow dryer) is faster

Well Tressed Twist & Tie Microfiber Hair Towels are big in size, and can wrap securely around very long hair. Their elastic bands are made so you can securely tie the towel around your head so it stays in place while absorbing water.

Protect your wet hair when you shop Twist & Tie Microfiber Hair Towels.


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